Therapeutic massage

The term therapeutic massage encompasses a range of massage techniques used in the treatment of neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disorders, facilitating the elimination of toxins, activating blood and lymphatic circulation and improving the supply of oxygen to the tissues.

Prenatal massage

This massage is highly recommended for pregnant mothers and their babies because it improves blood circulation, softens the skin and muscles, reduces and relaxes leg and back pain, and improves the immune and respiratory system.

Hawaiian massage

Lomilomi, the massage originating in Hawaii, gently strokes the entire body with the forearms, arms and palms of the hands to the rhythm of Hawaiian music playing in the background. It is used to eliminate tension and relieve muscle contractions, but also harmonizes the whole body and relaxes the mind.

Masaje ventosas y moxibustion

This treatment is widely used to treat contractures, since the difference in pressure caused by the vacuum detaches the muscle and increases the amount of blood providing a feeling of relaxation, because toxins are eliminated.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage is a massage that acts on the lymphatic vessels in order to eliminate interstitial and lymphatic fluid.

Bamboo sticks massage.

The bamboo canes massage is a harmonizing oriental massage that favors the energetic balance of our body as well as the lymphatic circulation...They are applied on face and body, with a soft and pleasant contact with different bamboo canes in each body area according to the case of the patient's need.

Moisturizing treatment

This treatment provides the necessary levels of hydration for those sunbathed skins or that require special hydration.

Firming Body Treatment

It is a treatment that helps to firm the parts of the body with greater flaccidity, to help to mark the parts of the body.

Reductive Treatment

This treatment is to obtain a lipolysis effect in specific areas. With the help of appliances and A special product designed for these purposes, it can also be applied through mud and algae.

Hot and Cold Stone massage

Hot stones (50 °) increase blood risk and cellular metabolism, while the cold stones (8 °) cause vasoconstriction and release of histamine that acts on pain and inflammatory processes.

Hot and cold stones; black and white, alternate to massage the body. The hot ones relax the muscles.
The cold ones tone the organism.
There is one for each area of ​​the body: shoulders, knees, feet, neck, nape.

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They don't burn, they don't hurt; the skillful and expert hands of the therapist slides them from right to left, top to bottom, allowing the person undergoing the treatment to experience a deep sense of well-being and relaxation.

The therapy works by using different stones at various temperatures (thermo-therapy). Every stone with a certain temperature is placed in specific points of the body, in the chakras.